• Photos from Nikko
    Photos from Nikko
    Nikko is one of my most favourite places in Japan. It has a long history, especially with foreign tourism and has the oldest bridge in Japan as pictured here.
  • Photos from Tokyo
    Photos from Tokyo
    Tokyo is full of great photographic opportunities, although I like shooting people on the street, the architecture itself offers some interesting shots, especially if you pick the right place between all the buildings. This photo is from a boat on the Sumida river looking at the Asahi building (on the right) with the famous Asakusa region on the left.
  • Street Photography
    Street Photography
    One of my favourite photography styles came from the journalist style of street photography. Usually involving people doing their own business unaware of the camera while I capture the candid moments of their lives.
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  • Tsunami Damage in Northern Japan
    Tsunami Damage in Northern Japan
    I have an interest in exploring ruins, but after a tsunami there isn't much too see unfortunately. It is still important to show the story of the area though which my intention with photography from the area.
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